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UPDATE: Morris & Essex Lines: Amtrak Penn Station Work Prompts NJ TRANSIT Service Changes - Beginning June 17, 2019
Issued: May 02, 2019


Click HERE for information on the restoration of service.

Beginning June 17, NJ TRANSIT will be temporarily adjusting service in order to accommodate vital Amtrak repair work that will take two tracks at Penn Station New York (PSNY) out of service. Temporary service adjustments will include Morris & Essex (M&E) Line Midtown Direct trains no longer stopping at Newark Broad Street station during the morning and evening peak periods and a limited number of Midtown Direct reverse-peak trains will operate from Hoboken. Please see below for impacts to specific trains and suggested alternates.

Click HERE for printable M&E timetable.

The following service plan will be in place weekdays from June 17 through September 6.

A.M. Peak Period PSNY Departures Diverted To Hoboken Departures

Midtown Direct 6613, currently departs PSNY 8:02 a.m., will depart Hoboken 8:02 a.m. and be renumbered 613.

Midtown Direct 6617, currently departs PSNY 8:42 a.m., will depart Hoboken 8:31 a.m. and be renumbered 317. 

Midtown Direct 6317, currently departs PSNY 9:22 a.m., will depart Hoboken 9:24 a.m. and be renumbered 319.

P.M. Peak Period PSNY Arrivals Directed to Hoboken Arrivals

Midtown Direct 6656, currently arrives at PSNY 5:04 p.m., will arrive at Hoboken 4:57 p.m. and be renumbered 656

Newark Broad Street Station Advisory: To prevent the possibility of unsafe overcrowding conditions at Newark Broad Street station resulting from customers transferring to/from PSNY trains, Morris & Essex (M&E) Midtown Direct trains traveling TO PSNY between 7:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. and trains traveling FROM PSNY between 4:30 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. will NOT make station stops at Newark Broad Street. Additionally, Train 6363, the 7:18 p.m. from PSNY, will not stop at Newark Broad Street.

Morristown Line: For Morristown line customers who usually transfer to a Midtown Direct train at Newark Broad Street, we’ve added a 7:39AM Midtown Direct stop at East Orange to meet customers arriving at East Orange at 7:22AM. Newark Broad Street customers can also take trains to/from Hoboken, or use Newark Light Rail to access PSNY service from Newark Penn Station. Customers traveling to New York from stations between Hackettstown and Mount Arlington can transfer at Dover to Midtown Direct trains as they do today. Additionally, some M&E trains will have modifications to stop patterns. Please check the timetable to confirm specific stop times for your station.

Important Note: As a result of operating with fewer tracks in PSNY, some trains in/out of PSNY may be required to utilize shorter platforms and will be required to have fewer cars. To make maximum use of the limited track space, some trains that currently operate with 10 cars will be reduced to 9 cars.

For more information and language assistance, please call NJ TRANSIT Customer Service at (973) 275-5555 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.